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How Did You Know?

A pastor recently called us from Florida. He said he had given Seeds That Bless cards to a group of prayer warriors at his church meeting the previous week, asking them to look for opportunities to plant words of encouragement into the lives of people they may not know in their community. Several days later, one of the gentlemen on that prayer team, was in a place of business with a friend. Just as they were leaving, the prayer warrior handed a Seeds That Bless card to the lady at the front counter who hand been helping his friend. They turned and left the business and were walking down the sidewalk when they heard someone behind them shouting, “Sir, Sir”....

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Someone Needs You

"Don't let your busyness crowd out the needs of others today." It was an ordinary Tuesday. My son, Doug and I were running errands which included picking up a few groceries at the local market, where we shop a couple times a week. While we waited in line to check out, we were chatting with each other about plans for the rest of the day. I said “hello” to the cashier, and continued to put my items on the conveyor belt. I didn’t know the cashier’s name, but he was always friendly and almost always the one who would check me out when I got groceries. When he didn’t respond to my hello, I turned around and continued to talk...

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The Seed

Welcome to the Seeds That Bless Blog This blog is intended to inspire and encourage everyone reading it to become more outwardly focused, to make personal connections and look for ways to bless others.  Here is a personal story, that I experienced recently with Seeds That Bless Cards. I could hear him above the small talk in a crowded waiting area full of passengers waiting for the departure of their train from Chicago Union Station. His voice was loud and annoying. I watched him as he moved from person to person yelling, “Do you want to see some pictures?". If they declined, he would try again saying, “Hey do you know what this is?", pulling what looked like a small...

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