The Unexpected Blessing

The Unexpected Blessing -

Have you ever received a blessing or gift that you didn’t expect?

This recently happened to me at an event I where I was invited to come and share our Seeds That Bless cards. The event was put on by a ministry called, Crown Him Presents. This ministry was started by a couple of students that I worked with. They have a heart for providing good, clean events for young people, ages 18-30.

The event was on a Friday night in Oakland – a little over an hour from my house. I remember feeling tired after getting home from work that day. I started to think about not attending and just staying home to rest. But something inside me kept telling me to go – that there were people that needed a blessing that night.

I decided to go.

The event was held at a fantastic restaurant called, The Veg Hub (I highly recommend it). We had a great time playing games, getting to know new people, vision boarding, and even a powerful talk from the owner of The Veg Hub, Chef Chew. During the vision boarding portion, I had a young person sit down at my table and ask me about our Seeds That Bless ministry. I told him we were struggling a little bit, but we were trusting that God was going to open doors for us soon.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle…

This young man, a recent college graduate, with college loans to pay off and trying to make a living, asked me if he could donate to our ministry. He pulls out his wallet and is looking for money. I immediately start to tell him he doesn’t need to give to us, but he persists. After not seeing something in his wallet, he puts it away and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small white envelope.

He begins to tell me how he was going to put a deposit down on a used car that very day. The guy who was supposed to bring the car flaked on him and didn’t show up. He hands it to me and says, “God told me to give this to you”.

World rocked.

Here I was at an event to share our Seeds That Bless cards and hope to be a blessing to these young adults – and God used them to bless me. Isn’t it funny how we think we know how God is going to bless us? We’ve got it all figured out. Then God does the unexpected – because that’s what He does!

I didn’t open the envelope until I got to my car. Inside was $850. All I could think was how good God was! But it wasn’t about the money, it was the FAITH of that young man. He stepped out and trusted because God prompted him to give.

What a lesson he taught me.

Today, be encouraged. God is lining things up for you. Your blessing is coming – although it may not come how you envisioned it. Be open and get ready!

And may we all have the heart of this young man, to partner with God and take a step of faith and give blessings to others!