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Bullied Josh

What if a bullied teen could change his life and the lives of his fellow peers lives with small acts of kindness? Take look at this story about how a bullied teenager overcame his social anxiety and changed his life---and the lives around

The Unexpected Blessing

Have you ever received a blessing or gift that you didn’t expect?This recently happened to me at an event I where I was invited to come and share our Seeds That Bless cards. The event was put on by a ministry called, Crown Him Presents. This

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Random Phone Call

My phone went off this morning at 5am. “Good Morning - Seeds That Bless” I said, trying to disguise my morning fog voice. I had been in a deep sleep, so the haze was real. “What did you say?” the voice on the other end of the phone call inquired.

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Taco Bell Cashier

Here is a great story written by McKinley Corbley, for the Good News Network.  It’s a story about a Cashier at a Taco Bell in New York who wrote kind messages on customer receipts to brighten their days!No matter how busy it may get behind the

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