Powering Positivity Throughout the World

How will positive words change my life?

Words of encouragement inspire all of us to refocus on the good. Whether it’s changing our negative self-talk, helping us connect and build relationships, or learning to be more compassionate, these positive words transform our lives.

What people are saying

  • "The act of reading these cards changes you."

    Michelle Rai — Professor at Pacific Union College

  • "These cards will lift you up and challenge you to make a positive difference in others."

    Laffit Cortes — Pastor at Miami Temple Church

  • "A powerful tool that makes a difference in the workplace and local community"

    Jarrod M. — CEO of Inland Empire Health Plan

    Seeds that Bless leaf

    We created Seeds That Bless cards
    because we noticed a need.

    Doug Wilson and Eileen Yancey

    How it Works

    Step 1

    Order Seeds

    Choose from our growing selection of positive word cards.
    Step 2

    Carry Seeds

    Keep a few Seeds in your pocket, wallet or car. Take your Positivity Box with you.
    Step 3

    Share Seeds

    Share positivity and kindness with someone close or even a stranger. Everyone needs encouragement.

    Where you'll find Seeds


    Healthcare Facilities

    Conferences & Workshops

    Houses of Worship

    Concerts & Festivals


    Powering positivity throughout the world.